Product Care

Quality product require quality care.
Leather is a unique material, it responds to the care and love you give it by becoming ever more beautiful and charming. Take care of your leather accessories and it is sure to last you more than a lifetime.

How should handbags be stored?
I am sure you would like to keep rotating bags from your collection now and then. When you plan on keeping your bag packed up for the season, it needs to be stored carefully to avoid fading, moulding, cracks and distortion. 
Keep Handbag away from Direct Sunlight To Prevent Fading.

  • Just like any colour or dye, dyed leather also fades over time. The UV in the sunlight breaks down the colour pigments causing them to fade. Store your leather goods away from any direct sunlight.
Use Dust Bags.
  • Dust easily gets caught in between the hardware, fittings, locks and on the surface of leather. Always keep your leather bags inside a breathable cotton dust bag.
Storing Leather Bags in Humid Weather.
  • Keep leather bags ventilated, don't keep them locked up inside plastic bags. Take them out from the dust bag in a couple of months and wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth. You can also blow-dry your bag on the lowest setting. Remember, too much heat can also cause the leather to crack. 
  • Stuff your bags with old t-shirts, pillow covers or any soft cotton fabric to prevent distortion.
  • You can use Moisture absorbers inside your bag to prevent mould from building up on the inside.

My shoes got wet, what should I do?
Towel dry any water that you can right away. Then stuff the inside of your shoes with newspaper or a towel to pull the moisture from the inside. Let your shoes dry slowly at room temperature. 

My handbag got wet, what should I do?
Take care to not let water absorb into the leather. If your handbag or jacket gets very wet, wipe off excess moisture as soon as possible. Do not dry the leather with a hairdryer; let it air dry, and then apply a leather conditioner.
Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol, as these will dry out and possibly discolor your leather purse or bag.

Always do a Spot Check.
Before using a new leather polish, or a leather conditioner or a leather moisturizer, always do a spot test. Put a little bit of the cleaning agent on a discreet part of your bag and try it out. Like, the base or on the underside of the handles. See how the leather reacts to the cleaning agents. Sometimes they might darken light coloured leather or result in discolouration. Test before use.