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Rebecca's Blog Red Tag Chic (Los Angeles, USA) 

"The pictures actually don’t give justice to the intricate and elaborate detailing ... And yes, these beautiful tie-backs are also very comfortable."

Zuleika Conte's Blog Zukiniz (MI, USA) 

"If I get sent something that I’ve agreed to feature on the blog I’ll normally wait to take pictures before I wear it but I couldn’t resist with these sandals!"


Grace Liang's Blog Color and Grace (MI, USA) 

"Maybe because I am a teacher, I always believe that old saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”




Jackie's Blog Uptown Couture (Washington DC, USA)  

Style from the Capital. For more Couture..




Alecz's Blog For Seven Seasons (ON, Canada)

"I LOVE COLOURFUL THINGS! When I took a look at these pieces, I immediately fell in love... I’m not wearing a necklace today: I figured the clutch was a stand alone piece!"

"I love how it combines a natural look with a bright one. It’s a lovely piece that is extremely versatile and well made."

Alexandra's Blog Funky Jungle (Italy)

"... with the simple step of having a broader (and let's face it, wealthier) market for their products, these people can transform their life's. They can go from Caterpillar to Butterfly, because it's not just a one time aid, but something that will continue to support them and their families."

Jessica's Blog Wear it For Less (KS, USA)

"They are so comfortable and the beading is really amazing. You can tell that a lot of work went into the making of these sandals."

Debbie's Blog Fashion Fairy Dust (Pennsylvania, USA)

"Ikwetta is one of those rare businesses that you can really get behind."

Leanne's Blog Classy Yet Trendy (AL, USA) 


Leah's Blog Style Wise (VA, USA)

"The beadwork is stunning and I find the shape of the sandal foot-flattering. Additionally, the beadwork is backed with soft, velvety fabric so it won't cause skin irritation."


Jonette's Blog Jonettedia (CA, USA) 


Morgan Flinchum's Blog How 2 Wear It (NC, USA) 



Agnes' Blog Aggy Low (Singapore) 

"With the sandals, it gives my outfit a whole new look - and it is very versatile!"

"This All American Clutch adds such a pop of color to my all-white outfit!"


Laura from What Laura Loves (UK) 

"These are my first pair of gladiator style sandals and I couldn't be happier with them.  Underfoot, they are incredibly comfortable.  I have worn these so many times since I got back from Morocco as I've been walking on days out quite a lot and not once have these sandals rubbed or been uncomfortable to wear at all."


Emma Walker's Blog With A City Dream (CO, USA) 

"Sometimes though I get really lucky and have the chance to use my passion for a good cause - meet Ikwetta your new favorite shoes, bags and necklaces with a seriously good twist."


Carolina Vega's Blog Learn to Love (Spain)

"... Además la gente se me queda mirando los pies porque llaman mucho la atención.
Una gran historia detrás de unas preciosas sandalias."

Gentry Adams' Blog Girl meets Bow (FL, USA) 

"When you pick up a pair of sandals, you're getting a finely crafted shoe (mine are real leather!) but you also can walk with confidence knowing that you are supporting artisans around the globe!"


Bethany Buchanan's Blog Southern Chic Style (TX, USA)

"Even with slightly swollen prego feet, the sandals were comfortable all day and were a great pop of color to add to a fitted t-shirt dress. Not only are the sandals made by hand from hard working artisans, but you don’t sacrifice comfort either."

Samantha DeViney's Blog Life and Messy Hair (NC, USA) 



Denise Gullet's Blog January Sunshine (AZ, USA)


Cristina's Blog Cris_Garpes (Spain)



Somer DeLane's blog Stroll Down Somer Delane (VA, USA) 

Tokunbo's Blog Ethically Styled (MD, USA)