What to Buy in Kenya: Fun Kenyan Souvenirs to Bring Home

What to Buy in Kenya: Fun Kenyan Souvenirs to Bring Home

Exploring Kenya offers a wealth of unique and culturally rich souvenirs that make perfect gifts or personal keepsakes. From intricate beadwork to luxurious leather goods, here are some must-have items to bring back from your Kenyan adventure.

1. Maasai Beaded Products

The Maasai community is renowned for its vibrant and intricate beadwork. These colorful creations range from jewelry to sandals and belts. For high-quality Maasai beaded footwear and accessories, check out Ikwetta. By purchasing from Ikwetta, you support local artisans and take home a piece of Kenya’s rich cultural heritage.

2. Hand Blown Glass

Kitengela Glass offers stunning hand-blown glass products, crafted from recycled materials. Located just outside Nairobi, this studio creates beautiful glassware, ornaments, and decorative pieces. Each item is a testament to the creativity and sustainability embraced by Kenyan artisans.

3. Ceramic Beads

Kazuri Beads are world-famous for their exquisite craftsmanship. These handmade and hand-painted beads are created by women artisans in Kenya, with each bead reflecting the artistry and dedication of its maker. Kazuri offers a variety of jewelry and decorative items, perfect for any style.

4. Soapstone Carvings: 

Soapstone carvings from the Kisii region are a traditional Kenyan craft. Soapstone Interiors and Bespoke Soapstone offers a range of beautifully designed pieces, from small animal figurines to elaborate sculptures. These carvings make unique and meaningful gifts, showcasing the talent of Kenyan artisans.

5. Leather Products

Kenya is home to Africa’s first Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold Rated Tannery, ensuring that its leather products are ethically sourced and produced. From handbags to shoes, Kenyan leather goods are durable, stylish, and environmentally friendly. Ikwetta is a notable brand for ethically made leather items.

6. Brass Jewelry

Brass jewelry is a popular souvenir in Kenya, with a wide price range. Some pieces are pure brass, which may develop dark spots over time and require special care. Others are gold-plated, which helps maintain their shine. Various Kenyan brands offer beautiful brass jewelry, perfect for adding a touch of Kenyan elegance to your wardrobe. Some notable Kenyan brands to check out are Bawa Hope, Adele Dejak and Dhana Vito

7. Kitenge Apparel

Kitenge fabric is known for its bold and vibrant prints. Nomadic Artisan offers Kitenge apparel made from specially treated fabric, giving it a soft feel. These colorful garments are perfect for making a fashion statement while celebrating Kenyan culture.

Where to Shop: African Lifestyle Hub

If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, visit the African Lifestyle Hub, with stores at Village Market and Sarit Center. This hub is a fantastic place to find unique, made-in-Kenya products, from handwoven blankets to illustrations by Kenyan artists like Lulu Kitolo and Nzalni. You’ll also discover luxury apparel brands such as Hamaji and Katush, as well as specialty skincare products. Our favorite is Obao

Bringing a Piece of Kenya Home

Kenya’s rich cultural heritage and artisan traditions offer a plethora of unique souvenirs. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant Maasai beadwork, stunning hand-blown glass, exquisite ceramic beads, intricate soapstone carvings, ethical leather products, elegant brass jewelry, or bold Kitenge apparel, each item carries the spirit of Kenya. Make sure to explore these local crafts and support the talented artisans who create them.

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