Cruel Fashion is In?

Be curious. Find out who made your shoes — from who made the designs, to who cut the sole, to who made the leather in the first place.

Let's get together to ask these important questions. Who? Where? How? The Bangladesh incident was an unfortunate one, and sadly it wasn't a one off tragedy but the breaking point of a series of unfortunate events that has now led to the awakening of people to ask - Why?

Why does Fashion have to be so Cruel? Does expressing oneself though fashion have to cost lives? Is this the price we pay for a dress that costs $5 and a pair of shoes that sell for $15. Are we really that heartless? 

Thank god for Fashion We have Saviours! There are so many ethical brands today that are small yet carry such a powerful message. 

Sseko makes sandals that help educate girls in Uganda! Warby Parker gives a pair of glasses for each one purchased to someone who needs it in the developing world. 

We need more of these wonderful companies that make an impact on the world. Now we can express ourselves through fashion guilt-free! 


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